April 13, 2012
We used this in conjunction with Q8 Log Oil on our log home and it definitely works. It doesn't contain toxic chemicals or insecticides but uses natural ingredients to discourage carpenter bees and ants from wanting to drill. My wife and I like the citrus-herbal smell. It doesn't affect the color or effectiveness of the Q8 Log Oil. It's awesome stuff and I haven't seen anything else that works as good as this does.

Review from Log Home Magazine 

NBS30 - Absolute Must

 May 2013  J&B Perlis
We enjoyed using the Q8 Log Oil. It was easy to apply and the barn grey looked great. After two years of salt spray from the gulf, high winds with blowing sand, and Florida heat, the typical color change of our cypress wood has been leveled out so it has weathered in matching fashion instead of the dark uneven blotches.The biggest surprise was the NBS 30 additive. Over the two years I have actually watched the Carpenter Bees fly toward our cypress wood, hover, and fly away. I don't have the first bee hole. We also have no wasp nest or spider webs. It's time to apply the 2nd application of Log Oil as recommended after two years and I"ll add NBS 30 again.



J and B Perlis

 April 1, 2013 Tyler Darling, Authentic Log Homes of Vermont
Outlast Q8 Log Oil is an excellent product. The protection it provides to our log homes
has no match, along with an incredibly easy application. We at Authentic Log Homes of Vermont recommend this product to all our customers. Thank you CTA for making an exceptional product.

Authentic Log Homes of Vermont, VT

 1/18/12  Your product, NBS30, is far too valuable not to be marketed to the wildlife removal industry as a key tool in that process. I have used it for years to evict and exclude all species of wildlife from wood peckers, raccoons and squirrels to skunks and rodents. The clients love the smell and it is safe in homes with pets and children. It is a real boon to our peoples work and in the fight to create a larger no kill service side to the industry.Those I have turned onto your product rave about it. I have had a zero fail rate using this properly.
Caution: Do NOT get the product on the young as parent may not take them then.            

 Jen  "Wildlife Rescuer"

Jen, RI

 6-29-10.  Good Morning:  Your product is great.  I live in Vermont and did my log home with it about 4 years ago and it still looks great.

Frank F, VT

January 21, 2010.  I am a no-kill nuisance wildlife control operator, as well as a wildlife rehabber, specializing in critical care/triage work with all species of native wildlife.  I have been using your NBS 30 product as a mammal repellant to humanely remove animals from locations where they aren't wanted instead of the old ammonia standby, as it is far too lethal to babies and can blind both young and adults.  NBS-30 is a WONDERFUL AND AMAZING product!!.. (It) works well to repell raccoons, squirrels, woodpeckers, woodchucks, moles, mice, rats, skunks per my experience.  Thanks!  Jennifer

Wildlife Rescue

 I am pleased to endorse your product.  As an Entomologist, I had tried many methods of ridding my log home of carpenter bees and carpenter ants.  Every year I sprayed a variety of insecticides which usually controlled the ants, but not the bees since they were in overwhelming numbers and favored the 20+ feet heights of the house where they were difficult to spray.

Dr Tim P Yoho

April 18, 2016    My home. wrapped in cypress, was "carpenter bee central” when we bought it 5 years ago. Some of the facia boards looked like Swiss cheese. I found this wonderful NBS 30 and it has been a God-send. It was supposed to keep the bees away for three years and it actually lasted four. We are sealing again right now and you can bet your sweet behind I’ve added NBS 30 to every ounce of the sealer. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a carpenter bee infestation.