Color Burst

  • Add deeper, richer tones to Outlast Q8 Log Oil or match factory pre-tints
  • Helps blend wood imperfections
  • Use to mitigate color variations in old and new wood additions
  • Use 1 quart in 5-gallons of Outlast Q8 Log Oil
  • Iron Oxide dispersion and Trans Oxide pigments.for superior exterior durability
  • Add to any Outlast Q8 pre-tinted shade - especially (00), (01) and (02)

Color Burst should be added when a darker or richer color is desired or in those cases where imperfections are present or discoloration cannot be removed by cleaning or other means. Please note: Color Burst will not produce a solid hide stain. Highly visible imperfections or discoloration may still be noticeable. Color Burst will mitigate but will not completely hide serious problems or differences in wood species.

Directions: Always "box" quarts of Color Burst - especially those with different lot numbers. Blend all contents together and pour back into individual quart containers before addition to 5-gallon containers of "boxed" Outlast Q8 Log Oil. Prepare the wood for treatment according to the normal use directions for Q8 Log Oil. Add the entire container of Color Burst to a five-gallon pail of Q8 Log Oil and stir thoroughly to mix. Empty the Color Burst completely. The use of a mechanical agitator such as a mixing blade on a drill is highly recommended for the initial mixing. Q8 Log Oil containing Color Burst should be mixed or shaken frequently during use. Apply the Q8 Log Oil per normal use directions for additional color enhancement.

Contents: 32 fluid ounces