Oxo Wood Cleaner

Oxo Wood Cleaner is a highly concentrated product formulated specifically for removing mill glaze, and brightening wood and removing unsightly stains—especially iron stains— from Log Homes, wood fences, decks, roofs and furniture. Oxo Wood Cleaner is particularly well suited for brightening Cedar, Redwood, or other woods that are high in extractives.
No need for high-pressure washing or strong bleaching solutions. Simply spray on Oxo Wood Cleaner, allow it the time to complete its work, and low-pressure rinse or hose off.
For long-term protection from mildew stains and water damage, apply one of CTA's finish products to wood surfaces after cleaning with Oxo Wood Cleaner.

Directions: Never apply Oxo Wood Cleaner without dilution. For most applications Oxo Wood Cleaner should be mixed with four parts of water before application. For difficult jobs or more dramatic results, mix Oxo one to one with water.

  1. Pre-wet and/or cover sensitive vegetation that might be exposed to run-off or over spray such as near the edge of a deck or along the drip line of a roof.
  2. For most jobs, Oxo Wood Cleaner can be diluted with four parts of water, although heavily grayed or mildewed wood will respond better to a dilution with one or two parts of water. Most wood will respond better to two normal applications rather than a single application of a stronger solution.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Flood the surface to be cleaned with the diluted solution of Oxo using a pump-up sprayer or other suitable apparatus. Please note: Oxo Wood Cleaner contains Oxalic Acid. All wetted parts of the application equipment must be acid resistant.
  5. Cover the surface in broad strokes, making sure that all surfaces are sufficiently wet from the product.
  6. Allow Oxo Wood Cleaner to rest on the surface for at least ten minutes. Particularly dark or dirty areas will respond well to light brushing with a plastic bristle brush. Do not use a steel brush as this will contribute to iron stain on the wood.
  7. There is no need to worry if the surface begins to dry. The wetting action of the rinse will reactivate Oxo Wood Cleaner so that it can complete its job.
  8. Rinse thoroughly till no visible foam is raised from the wood. Although a water hose is sufficient for rinsing, most jobs will respond well to a low pressure rinse (150psi) with a 45 degree tip.

Caution: Oxo Wood Cleaner is a powerful chemical that can cause irritation when allowed to contact the eyes or skin. Inhalation of airborne mists can be irritating to the throat. Please refer to the product MSDS for more specific handling instructions. Keep this and all similar materials out of the reach of children.

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