Inside Lo-Glos

  • Satins available in clear, light toner and medium toner
  • Lo-Glos available in clear only
  • For Interior log walls, trim, cabinetry, paneling
  • Enhances the natural wood grain
  • Seals Out Household odors (Cooking and Fireplace odors)
  • Unique water-based formulation is VOC compliant, quick drying,
  • Retards surface mildew growth, provides a water repellent easy to clean surface

Outlast Inside Satin is the premier interior treatment designed with log home wall and trim surfaces in mind. Available in clear, light and medium toners, the finish is "tough as nails", but allows interior log moisture vapor to escape without clouding the finish.

Outlast Inside Lo-Glos provides all the benefits of Inside Satin in a low gloss sheen. Use over Inside Satin when a glossier look is desired. Excellent for kitchen cabinets, trim work, doors and more.

Always test the finish before use, because the only way to remove this durable coating is to sand it off. Never OVER apply Outlast Inside Satin or Inside Lo-Glos. The product will look milky in the can and slightly milky when applied, but it dries crystal clear. One gallon will cover 400 square feet of smooth wood. Stir gently but thoroughly before use. Avoid application temperatures below 40 degrees. Airless spray is an appropriate application method for delivery to broad expanses of interior wall or ceiling surfaces when selecting the clear colorless product only. We recommend that the light and medium toners be applied by brush. Smooth out any runs quickly - This product dries FAST! Always keep a wet edge when using the light or medium toners to avoid lap marks. When rolling, use a short nap roller. If a second coat is desired, lightly sand and re-coat after 3 hours drying time.

Surface Preparation: Even if the wood looks clean, always wash with water and a small amount of detergent and bleach if mildew is present. Wipe until clean with plain water. (Remove all bleach residue.) For fastest (and quick rinse-away) cleaning of mildew stains and dirt, use Outlast KleenStart for surface prep. If desired, lightly sand and vacuum before application. DO NOT USE steel wool. We highly recommend that the interior air conditioning or heating systems be turned on and operational for at least 2 weeks prior to application of this coating. This gives the logs time to dry out if they are damp from cleaning or construction conditions.

Outlast Inside Satin and Inside Lo-Glos are "stand alone" products. They are ideally suited for new construction, although it can be applied as a top coat over oil stains after at least 7 days of dry time. Subtle highlighting effects can also be achieved using a base coat of Outlast Inside Satin light or medium toner, followed by a top-coat of Outlast Inside Satin Clear or Inside Lo-Glos.