This deck is probably 15 years old and appears to have never been treated. It is obviously near death.

What to do? We could tear it down and start and start over, but we felt that there might yet be life under all that weathering and mildew. Click below to see the next step.

This shows the application of Restore to the deck. The handy dilution sprayer makes short work of it. This step probably took about ten minutes.

Just thoroughly wet the surface with broad strokes. Be sure to rinse your shoes when finished.

Give the wood at least 20 minutes to absorb and react with the Restore. It might be a good time to catch a show on television. Then we've got a little work to do.

Carefully go over the surface with a pressure washer. We recommend a cold water washer with no more than 150 psi. This unit is a small two gallon per minute washer. Contractors will want to use bigger machines to get the job done sooner. This is the most time consuming step. We took about thirty minutes on this small deck.

The deck has been cleaned and allowed to dry. We began to believe that the patient would not only survive but might even thrive.

What an incredible difference! We were tempted to stop right there and call it done, but this deck deserved better. It was time to stain.

Just dilute some Outlast with four parts of Mineral Spirits, stir well, grab a pump-up sprayer, and get with the program.

Even these risers are short work. Spray to wetness, but do not allow Outlast to puddle on horizontal surfaces. We used a roller and brush on the areas close to the sunroom to avoid overspray.

What a beautiful piece of work! We used Walnut in this application, but all colors of Outlast give the same long-lasting water repellency and resistance to mildew. We won't be cleaning this deck again for a long time to come.

The cover is off the pool and the barbecue pit is ready. All we need are some hot dogs and a couple of dozen kids.

What a makeover! Maybe we could start some kind of reality TV show out of this. Maybe not.


After Cleaning, but Before Staining

After Staining