Prices Effective January 1, 2018

Sales, Freight and Pricing Policy


                      Product                                              Unit                                 Price           

Outlast Q8 Log Oil (Any color or clear)                    5 gallon                       $299.00/pail

Outlast Deck Seal (Choice - 3 colors)                      4 x 1 gallon case           $93.00/gal

Outlast Inside Stain (2 colors and clear)                 5 gallon                         $283.50/pail

Outlast Inside Stain (2 colors and clear)                 1 gallon case                  $70.00/gal

Inside Lo Gloss clear                                             5 gallon                         $357.00/pail

Inside Lo Gloss clear                                             1 gallon                         $78.00/gal

NBS 30 5-gallon dose                                           12 x 1(pint) case            $45.00/pint

Mold-Buster Additive                                             5 gallon dose                 $20.75/each

ColorBurst (Any color)                                           5 gallon dose                $45.00/quart

KleenStart                                                            6 x 1 quart case            $27.00/quart

KleenStart                                                            7lb. (4 x 1 case) jug       $70.00/jug

Oxo Wood Cleaner                                                5 gallon drum                 $182.00/pail

Oxo Wood Cleaner                                                4 x 1 gallon case             $42.00/gal




1. FedEx Ground shipping where available.  Motor Freight if suitable

2, Price, terms, conditions and freight qualifications subject to change without notice

3. Terms - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

4. Freight Claims - Any claim for damage or loss must be initiated by the buyer.  Call carrier's agent to inspect damage and request an inspection report.

5. Returns - Except as otherwise provided by law, no merchandise may be returned without prior permission and a Return Authorization Code from CTA. Code must be stenciled on each carton or container.  All return freight must be shipped pre-paid.  Merchandise must be in clean resaleable condition and in original unopened containers.  All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.