Outlast® Q8 Log Oil®


Pressure Treated Wood and End Cuts

Pressure treated Wood is augmented with decay control chemicals to enhance longevity.  These chemicals penetrate all surfaces to a significant level, but do not reach the very center of the board.  When 5/4 decking or structural supporting members of a deck is cut or drilled for fasteners during construction, the center, untreated portion is exposed. This End Cut needs a boost of extra protection from Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® to augment the factory treatment and maintain the warranty offered by the wood treater. 

Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® is an EPA registered wood preservative AND exterior finish in one.  The formulation is AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) vetted and specified to protect End Cuts of pressure treated lumber from decay causing organisms (rot, mold, termites, powder post beetles, etc).  For best results, hand brush or dip the cut portion of the wood until saturated with CLEAR (00) Outlast® Q8 Log Oil®. The solution "wicks up” the cut end grain to "heal” the cut end.

After construction, apply more of the same or select one of our 6 pre-tinted Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® colors to the entire project – decks, steps, spindles and railings - for a beautiful translucent stain!  (Other commercially available oil or water based deck stains may be applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendation).  BE AWARE that most commercial deck stains mandate a drying period after construction and prior to staining to allow the wood to dry.  This is because newly purchased treated lumber is usually very wet, from the pressure treating process. 

HOWEVER, if you select Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® as your deck stain as well as your end-cut treatment, there is NO WAITING, only a dry surface is required!  You need only to build your deck and stain it with Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® in the color of your choice.

Commercial and Industrial Users:  Outlast Q8 for Pressure treated End-cuts, fastener punctures, cross arm maintenance, utility poles, piling contractors, railroad ties. – We recommend Outlast Q8 CLEAR.  A backpack sprayer is a handy way to easily deliver the required amount of remedial wood preservative to exposed cut areas, especially if you are climbing a telephone pole!

Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® is a totally non-film forming EXTERIOR one-step Stain and End cut treatment that is guaranteed to never crack or peel off. The solution soaks into the wood to provide protection not just on the surface, but also deep into the wood cell structure.  The treatment provides unsurpassed water repellency and sheer trans-oxide color with one coat coverage.  Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® reduces warping, cracking and splitting because moisture vapor can escape from within the wood, but rain water is repelled from the surface! 

Thoroughly shake or stir the container to disperse the pigments evenly.  *Select any of the 6 pre-tints or CLEAR and apply to the surface area. Outlast® Q8 Log Oil® is "self-leveling” and easy to work with.  If any liquid remains unabsorbed after about 20 minutes, simply mop it up and smooth it out. Initial curing time is normally within a day or so, but the surface can be gently walked on when no liquid or puddles are visible.  Expect the appearance to be somewhat darker during application because it lightens significantly during the approximate 2 week total curing period.  Reapply annually for the first 2 years, and as desired thereafter. 

·         Meets AWPA Standard M-4 for End Cut treatments

·         Required by the IRC (International Residential Code)

·         Meets all Federal, State and Local VOC restrictions

·         Registered and available to residents of all 50 US States

·         Deck Stain and End Cut solution in one

·         Freeze/Thaw stable – extended shelf life

·         Detergent and water clean-up

·         6 pre-tinted colors plus CLEAR for decks

·         Superior water repellency

·         Stops Rot and decay organisms

·         Controls cracking and splitting

·         Available in quarts, gallons and 5/gal pails

·         DO NOT add machine pigments to alter the color for horizontal, walk surfaces. 

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