Upcoming Show Schedule

Monday, 8 January, 2018

2018 Log Home Shows


Sevierville Convention Center
202 Gist Creek Road
Sevierville, TN 37876

April 6 & 7th

Farm Show Complex & Expo Center
2300 N Cameron St.
Harrisburg, PA
April 20 - 22nd
Lake George
Lake George Forum
2200 US Route 9
Lake George, NY
May 4 - 6th



















Seeking Qualified Contractors

Monday, 3 August, 2015

Seeking Qualified Contractors: Please let us know if you have experience working with our products! email BarbaraM@OutlastCTA.com

Introducing Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Thursday,23 July, 2015

See Q8 Log Oil in action with these before & after deck pictures!

Monday,20 July, 2015

A customer in Georgia sent us these beautiful before and after pictures of his deck project using our Q8 Log Oil in Light Gold 02.  Notice that there are no screw holes or marks because he used hidden "Tiger Claw" fasteners to secure the boards - what a great idea!

Log Home Living Article

Tuesday,20 August, 2013

 We were recently featured in an article in Log Home Living Magazine!

Click here to see the article.

Outlast Q8 Log Oil available in CALIFORNIA

Wednesday,27 July, 2011

 Effective July 15, 2011, Outlast Q8 Log Oil is available for sale in the state of California.  We look forward to serving YOU!

Did you know?

Thursday,19 March, 2009

Did you Know…. that the use of Outlast Q8 Log Oil validates the warranty on "Wolmanized" and "Outdoor" Brands of Treated wood?  Use Outlast Q8 factory pre-tinted colors it on End Cuts and all deck surfaces for Beautiful Color, Water Repellency and Additional Rot control. 

Outlast Q8 Log Oil is used in the maintenance and preservation efforts at our first US President George Washington's estate of Mt. Vernon! CTA is proud to be a supplier to the Mt. Vernon Historic Trust.  Look for the new "red" colored shingle treatments as they are installed throughout 2012 and 2013.



Did you know.... you can also paint or stain your home, using NBS Paint/Stain Additive, for some long term stinkbug repellency. Stinkugs don't like it (neither do wasps, boxelder bugs, ladybugs and other invasive insects) and they'll avoid siding, fencing, railing, decks, logs, overhangs, soffits, and any place NBS has been used. It can be added to any paint or stain and will last 1-2 years. It is made from plant oils and is a 100% natural product rather than a pesticide.



Try soaking a few tennis balls in NBS 30 and throw them in the attic. Customers tell us "no more squirrels"! 


May 30, 2013

HELP! Carpenter Bees are driving me crazy!

It seems that this is an extraordinary year for Carpenter Bees or homeowners are extraordinarily sick of them. In either case, we are posting information that comes from the Ohio State Agricultural Extension Service report on Carpenter Bees.

Misinformation –
Use WD 40, wasp/hornet killer spray, sprays a liquid in the entry hole and plug with steel wool.  PLEASE DON’T.

Best Results-
REAM out the chamber/tunnel with a wire. This breaks up the waxy pockets that house the larvae and serve as "condos” for the adults during the dormant periods.
DUST the entry hole with a powdered type insect killer such as Drione or Sevin Dust. The dusts are superior for killing carpenter bees because the dust gets on their bodies and they carry it into the back of the chamber to kill the entire nest. It is almost impossible to get a liquid all the way to the back of the tunnel.
LEAVE the hole OPEN for a few days at minimum.
CAULK the hole.
ADD NBS30 to your paint or stain and proceed.

Welcome to our newest dealers

Sunday, 1 February, 2009

UPDATED JULY 31, 2014 



Dealer Spotlight

Friday, 1 August, 2008

January 2014

Stone City Log Homes
22947 W. Avenue
Grimes, Iowa 50111

Randy Burrack, owner of Stone City Log Homes, and his family have a forty year history in the log home business. Stone City Log Homes has sold log home packages in 9 states through out the Midwest.

Randy personally believes that a penetrating oil is the best treatment for log homes. His customers and applicators have all reported that they prefer Outlast Q8 Log Oil over any other products available. Randy has been a valuable customer to CTA Products for over 8 years.

Please call Randy about any questions you may have  and if you would like to visit his model, give him a call at 319-462-3265 to set up an appointment.