Outlast Q8 Log Oil

  • Rot control
  • stops decay fungi and mold
  • Toxic to termites and powder post beetles
  • Superior water repellency
  • Beautiful translucent colors
  • EPA registered Wood Preservative
  • Controls cracking and splitting
  • Meets all Federal, state and local VOC restrictions

Guaranteed - to never require costly corn-cob removal. No sanding or sandblasting ever needed for re-coats

Guaranteed - no lap marks or brush marks. Low-pressure spray application to refusal.

Guaranteed - easiest product to apply

  • One coat coverage - low pressure spray, brush or roll
  • Detergent and water clean-up
  • Simple re-coat: no striping required
  • Freeze/Thaw Stable - extended shelf life

Guaranteed - most complete exterior stain and finish product in a single coat application